Netflix: Rules change, it’s over for users


Netflix may change the rules forever, with one change already worrying users. Here’s what will change and how we’ll adapt to the announced news

Netflix It is still considered the number one video streaming platform in the world. Available at a variety of prices with a simple monthly (or annual) subscription, you can access a practically infinite catalog. Movies, TV series and documentaries All types and ages.

Netflix may soon change the rules, an experiment in South America that has already sparked panic (Adobe Stock)

A success that has persisted over time, despite fierce competition from other giants Disney+ e Prime Video. The work of the Reid Hastings team certainly helped, always taking care to update the platform and the offering itself with useful improvements. Of course, There is bad news that has already made users worried.

Does Netflix change the rules? Here are all possible news

A bolt from the blue that can change your normal usage forever Netflix Globally, the much-hyped feature launched this summer in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. “Add a home”. This is a useful tool for those who share their account passwords with people other than themselves Family. However, having to pay an additional amount, that news certainly did not please interested users.

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Millions of users want to boycott the platform, and are canceling their subscriptions to compete with the competition (Adobe Stock)

In the past few hours, the rest of the world’s portals have returned to the topic and analyzed the situation. It seems real Campaign boycott The platform has already started and aims to solve the situation. Like the hashtag #ChauNetflix (#HelloNetflix) is taking over, and reference #CheNetflix used by Reed Hastings’ giant in a recent marketing campaign.

But not only that, because many consumers in Argentina have already made up their minds Cancel your subscription To switch to other services like Disney+ or Prime Video. Now it remains to be understood how the company will react and if, based on the results, the test will remain so and not become part of the permanent system. Above all, the hope is that the decision will not be made to expand this tool to the rest of the world. Italy included. There is no specific confirmation on this for now.

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