New and advanced Megadap ETZ21 AF adapter lets you mount e-mount lenses on Z camera



Megadap Megadap has announced a new version of its Nikon Z autofocus adapter from Sony E, ETZ21. Thanks to new chips and software protocols, second-generation adapters promise improved autofocus speed and accuracy.

Megadap has developed a whole new set of software, and the mechanical team has provided advanced hardware on the ETZ21 adapter. Software protocols have been rewritten from scratch using protocols from Sony and Nikon. Megadap says that to fit the F lens in the mirrorless Z camera of the ETZ21 adapter, almost all the functions provided by Nikon’s official FTZ adapter should be simulated.

Megadap ETZ21 AF Adapter

Megadap has spent “countless hours” optimizing its new adapter and promises to focus much faster than similar adapters on the market and its original E to Z AF adapters. The ETZ21 supports manual lenses without electronic chips. In-body image stabilization is supported in AF-S / AF-C / AF-F / pinpoint / manual focus modes, and automatic aperture control and coupling are supported, which means you can see the correct aperture value on your camera while using. Mount lens. The ETZ21 also supports real-time focus tracking and you can take advantage of face / i-detect autofocus and subject tracking on Nikon’s latest mirrorless cameras.

The ETZ21 supports shooting modes such as interval timer shooting, time-lapse movie and focus shift shooting (focus stacking). For Vibration Reduction (VR), you can use Camera IBIS or Lens VR for lenses with a barrel vibration reduction switch. For lenses without switches, Lens VR is turned on by default. For lenses without optical stabilization, the camera will be the default for using IBIS.

EXIF data including camera model, lens focal length and aperture value are recorded in EXIF ​​data. However lens brands will not be included. You can expect to see the most basic EXIF ​​data when using ETZ21. Megadap says lenses from Sony, Sigma, Tamron, Zeiss, Voigtlander and Samyang are supported, while lenses from Viltrox and Yongnuo are not. The adapter works with the current Nikon Z camera.

You can also test the ETZ21 firmware on MacOS and Windows or Z cameras in the firmware version menu. Firmware updates use a USB adapter and ETZ21 is connected to your computer.

The Megadap ETZ21 has better build quality than the original ETZ11. Includes better coating and better sealing around the circuit board. The ETZ21 AF adapter is made using a 2mm thin aluminum alloy. The release button should be easy to use and the stainless-steel bayonet is said to be more powerful.

You can buy Megadap ETZ21 AF adapter Directly from Megadap At 9 249.


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