New information on Pixel Face Unlock, Pixel Tablet Dock and Pixel Watch


The Pixel tablet is on the way, along with Pixel Face Unlock, a feature that Pixel 6 buyers have been waiting for for a year. With the Pixel 7 series, Google will finally offer Face Unlock and even on both models. Of last year’s devices, only the Pixel 6 Pro will get the benefit.

Face unlock combined with finger sensor

Face unlock will likely be available for all important daily tasks. In addition to this sure Through the new Android 13 source code the combination of fingerprint sensor and face unlock is actually intended. This can allow faster unlocking as the system combines both security barriers.

It may be enough that the face is 50 percent verified and so is the finger. I know this from other devices as well, which are therefore extremely fast to unlock. This point in particular was a shortcoming of the Pixel 6 series, the fingerprint sensor itself being too slow.

Pixel Tablet Dock: First things to know

There will be a Pixel tablet with a docking station. There are also some special functions, such as “Battery Defender”. The tablet can intelligently decide not to permanently charge overnight when it’s docked unused.

There is also a new screen saver ‘Low Light Dream’. It is used in the dock when the ambient light is very low. For example in the evening in a dark room.

New screensaver settings:

Pixel Tablet Leak Screenshot 1

“Pixel Clock” ist Also new. This app can make it possible to design clock on lock screen more freely. It’s an idea that Google has been pursuing for years. However, the new feature is likely exclusive to Android tablets.

Google will show off some of these innovations at its own Pixel event on October 6.

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