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Bitten is less and less absent from the arrival of iPadOS 16, the new operating system dedicated to Apple tablets. And, at the same time, there should be an event in October – not yet official – where Apple will present the new line-up for 2023.

Logitech spoils our new iPad – 21922

With the iPhone 14 “case” filed, Apple is set to take the screen off its tablet line-up for 2022. iPadOS 16 At the gate, it’s reasonable to expect an event – possibly in October – where Cupertino will focus all its spotlight on the new iPad offering for 2023. Of these, one iPad Pro con Processor M2, which will change in a heartbeat, not a line. And again an “entry-level” iPad, now in its 10th generation and which will include the design of iPad Air e iPad Pro.

Logitech confirmed that two iPads will be presented

Logitech spoils our new iPad - 21922
Logitech spoils our new iPad – 21922

However, on the one hand we are faced with mere speculation without any formal confirmation. On the other hand, a company is well engaged in its processes apple to come Logitech, will “spoil” some details about the next iPad line-up. Colossus, known for producing top quality accessories, will actually reveal much more than a formula on its website.

Let’s talk specifically about the page dedicated to it Stilo Logitech CrayonThe iPad-compatible pen, which will be available in two different versions:

  • iPad Pro 12,9″ (6a gen) – coming soon
  • iPad Pro 11″ (4a gen) – Coming soon

The company, although it does not produce “real” Apple accessories, is one of the best under its profile Quality and consistency Including Cupertino devices. We can talk about an almost identical alternative in terms of quality, durability and usability to much more expensive products sold in Apple stores around the world.

Having built this necessary foundation, it is reasonable to expect that Logitech itself can occupy it Information Which, most, can only guess between one reverie and another. So the most interesting information, which emerges from sharing these details, is the size of the panel: 12.9” on iPad Profrom The sixth generation e iPad Pro da 11” from The fourth generation.

The same company has since removed this information from its site, suggesting that it was indeed a gross error, but also possibly true information. We will see.

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