New look at Hogwarts Legacy gameplay




Today Harry Potter fans should celebrate, as a new look is given to Hogwarts Legacy, a game where we can explore the school of magic at will. Its developers have been silent for months, but now with a new video we already have confirmation of what we will be able to play.

The first thing we are shown in the video is character creation, and it has many different templates to choose from, so users can spend many minutes at the beginning of the game with this option. Face type, body and other features are very well defined, which also goes for clothes and accessories.

They also show us the movement of the main character, who has an over-the-shoulder gaze, much in the style of current PlayStation games such as The Last of Us or God of War. Avatars can interact with all sorts of magical things as well as their housemates under circumstances. It should be noted, the house will be different depending on which one we are selected for.

We also have different skill trees, which are revealed as we progress and collect experience for the hero. Exploring the map, spells will be at our disposal, with the possibility to move objects out of reach, stun enemies, make certain objects float and much more.

To almost finish the presentation we have the interaction with our teammates, because we can talk to them and increase our affinity, the most interesting that they will come from different rooms than us. Finally, they showed us the fighting part, which is considered fluid, with different spells that have different effects.

Note that Hogwarts Legacy is coming on February 10, 2023 Platforms are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC

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