New Pixel Phone 2023: What We Know So Far



For the coming year, Google has bigger plans for its own Pixel brand, and some details were already known. We’ll take a quick look at what we know about the new Android smartphones that Google plans to offer as the “Google Pixel” in the coming year. It is becoming more and more familiar.

Pixel Notepad: Foldable should finally be introduced

Google has been working on its first foldable for years. But the foldable phone, which unfolds into a tablet, hasn’t made it to the masses. There were always new hints, graphics, references in the source code of Google software.

Here’s what’s known about the Pixel Notepad so far:

  • Foldable with a large display inside
  • Screen Diagonal: About 5.8 inches outside, 7 – 8 inches inside
  • Samsung display, at least 90 Hz faster
  • The internal display meets 1840×2208 pixels and 1200 nits peak brightness.
  • First generation Google Tensor Processor
  • Pixel 6 series camera setup; Pixel 6 front camera; No front camera for internal display
  • Pixel 7 design language
  • Fingerprint sensor in the housing frame
  • Market launch unknown, postponed to 2023
Pixel Notepad Sketch 2

Pixel 7a: A lot to get out of an expensive device

So far, Google has been very cautious with A-smartphones, and now perhaps because of the high prices. With the Pixel 7a, as per current knowledge, this could change drastically. Finally there should be new cameras and wireless charging seems to be confirmed.

Even with the Pixel 6a, a 90 Hz display was overdue, with the Pixel 7a it should arrive. However, there is still a lack of relevant information on this. With the Pixel 7a, Google is likely planning a complete upgrade for its mid-range. According to Amazon, there’s even a Pixel 7a family.

Here’s what’s known about the Pixel 7a so far:

  • Market launch in early 2023
  • Several models are rumored
  • neue bluetooth-hardware/software
  • Probably the camera from the top model
  • Metal and ceramic for the case
  • Integrated wireless charging
  • Probably 2nd generation tensor processor

Pixel 8: New fingerprint sensor and new camera?

Of course, it’s still a bit early for a successor to the Pixel 7 series. But Google’s source codes reveal what the group is already testing internally Undoubtedly, an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor could be mentioned. This would be an important step, as the optical sensors used so far are not exactly top level.

New camera sensors were also frequently found in the source code. Google is testing them and may be planning a switch with the Pixel 8 It will be a good time The current camera hardware will not be carried over to the third generation this time. And, of course, a Tensor G3 is under construction.

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