New rumors have surfaced regarding the alleged Nintendo Switch Pro


Almost six years have passed since then Nintendo Switch was released, so many users are waiting for the new generation of consoles from the Japanese company. And while no clue has been given, a new leak would indicate that a Pro version will exist and is in the works right now.

As reported by users reddit, followmeinblueThe company confirmed the existence of the chip NVIDIA Tegra239 including a comment from a developer found on its mailing list Kernel of Linux. This comment also confirms that the chip will have one CPU of 8 core that will be integrated into the next hybrid device.

Its successor is also revealed switch will use the chip T239A customized version of Nvidia Orin Chip. Based on the Ampere architecture, it features a GPU with 2,048 CUDA cores and a CPU with 12 ARM Cortex-A78AE cores. Still, the next console is rumored to support the technology. Nvidia DLSS and ray tracing, as both mentioned in the second-generation graphics API.

Everything about its next console is confusing for now Nintendo, as the company president has mentioned on several occasions that the console is in the middle of its life cycle. Compared to its competitors, PS4 y XboxThis would be the ideal time to jump, which lasted 7 years in the market.

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