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Niantic, Inc.. Today, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) announced a partnership to create a real-world mobile game: NBA All-World. The NBA puts all-world basketball fans in a unique real-world metaverse.

NBA All-World is a free, officially licensed terrain basketball game that allows users to find, challenge and compete against NBA players in their area and then recruit them to their team.

“The NBA is the first industry in all-world sports gaming. It’s an original, realistic mobile game that will appeal to both casual gamers and die-hard NBA fans alike, “said Marcus Matthews, senior producer at Nyantic.” We develop and design a game that lets players show off their unique style.

“Through our partnership with Niantic, NBA fans around the world will be able to immerse themselves in the excitement of the NBA,” said Matt Holt, NBA’s head of consumer products. “As the name of the game suggests, we look forward to connecting with our fans around the world through this immersive experience.”

“NBA-All World gives us the opportunity to bring NBA players to Niantic’s Metaverse and the real world and give fans a way to interact with them in new ways,” says Josh Goodstad, EVP of THINK450’s licensing engine, NBPA’s Innovation Engine. “Niantic has a proven track record in creating games that encourage engagement within the local community and further integrate our players into the NBA All-World.”

Also, the NBA All-World will embrace NBA-defined fashion and offer players the ability to customize in-game clothing.

Interested players can register here If NBA All-World is available in your country, sign up to receive notifications Those who sign up will be rewarded with an exclusive NBA All-World AR web experience and will receive first notifications after securing their codenames for a worldwide launch. Learn more about NBA All World Available on the Niantic blog.

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