Nine Android phones that deserve a comeback



Reddit users talk about Android models that deserve a renewed version.

Nine Android phones that deserve a comeback

It is known by now Reddit has the largest community of Android users in the world. A while ago we were already talking about them and the compilation of the worst phones in history that Reddit users made across an interesting thread.

Well, we found out Another very interesting thread On Reddit where users are asked Any Android phone of the past should be modernized and brought back. It’s interesting to see the feedback from users, there are some models we didn’t expect to see. There is also Others who are fondly rememberedWhich makes all the money in the world appear here.

Android phones should be rescued from oblivion, according to Reddit

Nine Android phones that deserve a comeback

Reddit votes for Android phones that deserve to be brought back to life

The answer, how could it be otherwise, is many and varied. However, it attracts a lot of attention A historic brand presence One that seems to have fallen into complete oblivion: HTC. Interestingly, Reddit users voted the phone the most to rise from the dead htc one. The Taiwanese firm and one of its latest flagships have received a lot of love.

But HTC’s accolades don’t end there. HTC EVO and EVO 3D They are also mentioned as two models that many users want to see modern. Don’t forget that for a long time HTC sat on the throne of Android and although it lost it later, it was fighting very hard to get back into the gap.

Reddit users will want to check out two more phones Motorola Moto X and Motorola Moto G The original was one of those first Moto G’s myself, so I understand more than enough that they want it back. And although I never got to own a Moto X, it was one of the most ambitious and affordable high-end models at the time. Only good sounds can be heard from that Moto X.

Nine Android phones that deserve a comeback

Xperia Play, the forerunner of today’s gaming phones

Sony also received a share of support from users, who pointed out very strongly Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and Sony Xperia Play. The Z3 Compact was one of the best small-format high-end models in memory, and the Xperia Play was one of the pioneers of smartphones for gamers. These terminals are in fashion today for devices like Nubia Redmagic 7 or Black Shark 5 Pro. Actually with gaming fashion It doesn’t make sense that Sony doesn’t resurrect the Xperia Play.

LG and its G2, with its legendary rear keypad (and considered One of the best high end ever) also garnered a lot of cheers from Reddit users. Many of those who had this terminal say that they sadly had to abandon it and would prefer to get a modern version. Of course, outside of the LG smartphone market, things are very complicated.

Finally, Google Nexus 6P has also received a lot of support from users. Which is believed to be Google’s top of the range made by Huawei One of the best user experiences in the Nexus range.

This is what Reddit users are saying, so Their assessment may not match yours. Of course, it cannot be denied that many of these modern mythological models have much to talk about.


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