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In recent days, Big N Presented its financial results, which showed that the commercial whirlwind was happening Nintendo Switch And within a few months he will be able to depose PlayStation 4 Total units sold. Similarly, the report served to clarify for investors which pillars the company will support in the medium term.

creative house Super Mario Bros It has promised to strengthen its presence in the smartphone market, which is why it has announced its creation Nintendo systemA company in partnership with DNAA firm specializing in software development for mobile devices.

The link between such companies is not new, since since 2015 they have worked on various titles for iOS and Android operating systems, including: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Symbol Heroes, Mario Kart Tour y Super Mario RunTo name a few.

For his part, DNA It also takes over the operation and maintenance of users who have one Nintendo AccountIt’s conceivable that social will come with new functionality in the future that is more in line with current trends and that Nintendo has lacked in recent years.

Nintendo system It will also have the mission of creating value-added products for customers, with the aim of providing innovation and connectivity around the planet through a business model based on service and low cost rates.

One of the tests carried out was the application to interconnect users from different continents Miitomowhich allowed conversations in real time using avatars known as Miis, which ended its services a few years after its launch.

The Quality The content offered to consumers will be key to generating greater profitability, as the trend reflects that mobile market users are shrinking due to global inflation, but those who remain spend more money.

Nintendo It not only seeks to attract future potential customers in the traditional video game sector, but has also gradually moved into the cell phone and Hollywood industries with future releases. Super Mario Bros. Movieensuring that its intellectual properties have an immeasurable impact that transcends generations.


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