Nintendo has already updated the viral Rotom phone: it now has two cameras


The viral smartphone inhabited by a Pokemon has also now evolved into Pokemon Scarlet and Purple with two cameras and a curious bright blue circle.

next November 18, 2022 must happen Pokemon Global Release Scarlett and Pokemon VioletWe are waiting though Sprigatite, Fuikoko, Corydon, fidf And the rest of the new Nintendo monsters get handsome for them Official presentation in Paldea regionFor now we know the details of the new title of the popular Japanese story.

One last curiosity related to the mobile industry, and this one Nintendo will also update Viral Rotom Phone With very interesting newsBecause this second generation will take over the viral smartphone inhabited by a Pokemon A redesign with a double camera and a bright blue circle Which is reminiscent of the Nothing Phone (1), although we don’t know what it’s for.

Pokemon Rotom Phone

Rotom Phone, the only smartphone that can float. | Photo: The Pokemon Company

Colleagues told us edgeAnd we don’t want to continue without all the information about you Rotom Phone So that even the most unfamiliar with Pokemon can check it out, even as we speak A smartphone that gets stronger after being possessed by Rotom And which is very popular among the people of Galar region Pokemon Sword and ShieldIn addition to the new Paldea Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Can hold a Many functions and applications with a pokedexAlthough it seems quite uncomfortable for them to wear Bumps up and down. Because nothing will be fixed that quickly It is the only smartphone that can float And also Pokemon backpacks are very fashionable.

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As for the news, well now Rotom Phone will have a Dual camera with a black lens and the familiar blue main lensAlthough we don’t know if new Pokemon are in the title New functionality for the device or notas macro To take a close-up picture of us animals A super wide angle for favorite or landscape.

Actually we see A new bright blue circle in the centerA light of the purest style that could include wireless charging, though in practice You don’t need to charge the Rotom phone at the gallery Your adventure time.

We don’t even know if connectivity has been improved with the new 5G networks — that’s obviously already a joke — but we have details from a Nintendo press release that confirm. This is the second generation Rotom Phone There will again be an application with the Pokédex as well as another application with maps and maps Details on the new region of Paldera, where all the new adventures of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple will take place.

We’ll see if Nintendo releases more details, because These curiosities never hurt, at least for Pokemon fansOr what if?

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