Nintendo has apologized for something related to Bayonetta



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Franchise these days Bayonetta It has been a controversial topic, starting with the voice actress who wanted to boycott the video game due to pay issues. But another scam that was carried out on a smaller scale was the first title, which was relaunched but now with a physical copy. switch.

in the region Europe This version is sold exclusively in stores my nintendo, this is something that has never had good luck, since errors are always reported on the said page. This was no exception, as the game sold out within minutes, suggesting there was speculation or very few copies.

Given this, Nintendo Came to apologize through this Tweet. Here we insert it:

Along with the message, they promise to cover a bit more demand with the game, as many users were eager to complete the trilogy of games when this physical copy arrived. They invite users to subscribe to the page to receive notifications via email, which again can be a bad idea, because with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 The special edition did not achieve anything better.

Remember that trilogy Bayonetta already available switch.

Through: Nintendo


Publisher’s Note: Well, in Latam we were lucky, because here it was sold on Amazon without many problems, yes, we had to be on the lookout to be able to buy it, because it was not very expensive, so the copies were sold out in seconds.


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