Nintendo has settled a legal dispute with a former employee




some years ago Nintendo There was a strong conflict with one examiner Regarding voting rights More crushed crushed brother., as he was accused of leaking some material prior to the game’s release. However, he filed a lawsuit, alleging that he was unfairly fired for asking union-related questions of workers and an error that was a system error.

nowMackenzie Cliftonwill receive $26,000 in back payments and compensation as part of a settlement with the game maker, National Labor Relations Board. Added to that he apologized in a letter on his day Doug BowserA component that the union has not requested on a mandatory basis.

It has been mentioned Nintendo Grateful that a resolution has been reached, it was shared through a statement Axios, he says he is focused on ensuring that the work environment remains welcoming and supportive for all employees and associates. So now, unions and groups can be a bit more permissive.

He commented like that Clifton in Axios About the verdict in the case:

My main goal in filing the charge was to show my colleagues at NOA what their rights are and what happens when they choose to exercise them. In that sense, the terms of this deal are exactly what I wanted to see.

Through: Axios


Publisher’s Note: It’s clear to us that unions are becoming a little more common in companies now, and even though everything has gone wrong, it’s a positive step for the rights of those working in these big corporations.


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