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Nintendo It doesn’t stop offering offers on its digital store, something that is happening far too frequently for fans’ tastes, and now they are again offering attractive discounts that go up to 30%. The best thing is that every low price delivery has a common feature that will satisfy the buyers.

In this case, they are games that have their respective demos in the store, so users don’t have to blindly pay and then find themselves with a product that doesn’t satisfy them. The news was revealed through the company’s social network, conveying the message that each of these offers has an experimental version

Here are 10 of the most outstanding offers you will find on it eshop:

Metroid Fear: $979.30 from $1,399.00 MX

Yoshi’s Made World: $979.30 from $1,399.00 MX

Triangle Strategy: $979.30 from $1,399.00 MX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: $979.30 from $1,399.00 MX

Warioware: Get It Together: 839.30 from $1,199.00 MX

Mytopia: 839.30 from $1,199.00 MX

weapons: $979.30 from $1,399.00 MX

Demon X Machine: $979.30 from $1,399.00 MX

Dragon Quest XI: 839.30 from $1,199.00 MX

Megaman 11: $232.76 from $699.00 MX

Note that the offers are active till 2020 October 26, So buy as soon as possible.

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