Nintendo talks about the impact after stopping work in Russia


A few months ago, a tragic incident took place Ukraine y Russia, Since the next country has decided to launch an offensive without prior announcement. Led by many companies that decided to withdraw their services from the region, were among them NintendoThose now have something to say about this business decision.

82nd during a Q&A session Nintendo Annual General Meeting of StockholdersOne participant asked Shuntaro Furukawa y Shatru Shivata Do they think about the possibility of doing more business Russia. Both refrained from commenting on anything specific, but said the impact of their loss was “negligible”.

Here is the direct answer translated by the medium Nintendo Life:

Interviewer: It seems that you have stopped doing business in Russia because of the situation in Ukraine, but what are your thoughts on future business in this region? Also, what is the state of business in the European region?

Shuntaro Furukawa: Since Russia has suspended payment transactions for Nintendo eShop, the Russian store has been in maintenance mode since March 4. In addition, due to suspension of operations and logistical difficulties, we will not be shipping any goods including physical goods at this time. We will not discuss the exact amount of impact, but this issue has a negligible impact on our overall financial results, because sales in Russia are a small part of the total sales of the Nintendo Group.

Satoru Shibata: When it comes to doing business in Russia, we are seriously considering how to handle it in the future in light of the changing world situation. In Europe, as in other regions, sales of the Nintendo Switch have remained stable, even entering its sixth year, and consumer interest is high. Although there have been environmental changes such as the situation in Ukraine and global inflation, these factors have not had much impact on the progress of the Nintendo Switch business in Europe.

It’s worth that Nintendo Decided to delay Advanced War 1 + 2: Reboot the camp It is unlikely to be released due to global problems and until the end of the conflict between the two countries. As already mentioned, this is one of the many organizations that has stopped supporting RussiaAt this point the monster is included Apples.

Via: Nintendo Life


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