Nintendo will light up Halloween with Bayonet Atomics


Almost five years have passed since then Bayonetta 3 was announced in its 2017 edition Game Awards And after an agonizing wait, Big N has confirmed that the new adventure starring the charming witch will be available on October 28 this year.

For this reason, we will go back in time to learn about some of the most representative data of this franchise that began as a multiplatform due to a commercial agreement. sega So that it finally becomes an exclusive Nintendo and became a cult series.

Era Clock: The bracelet has numbers to indicate the time that Bayonetta carries 14111219Indicates his date of birth: December 19, 1411. The sensual hero is about to turn 611 years old.

Attachment and Nostalgia for Dante: Hideki KamiyaThe creator of Bayonetta, was also in charge of giving life Devil May Cry, reveals several similarities between them. Both productions feature a character named Enzo who acts as an informant. Likewise, the heroes of the games in question share phrases “Let’s Rock Baby” o “Flock off, Feather Face!”

Revenge of the Glasses: It revealed that various creative minds within Platinum Games were opposed to Bayonetta wearing glasses, Mr. Kamiya Equip this accessory with all the main characters of the first installment.

Cameos in the gaming world: Bayonetta didn’t just appear Smash Bros. UltimateAlso appeared Anarchy reignsand Wonderful 101, plus Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation DX 2.

Application to a real language: When Bayonetta summons monsters, she makes sounds that are sustained by R enochian languageAn apparent angelic tongue has been documented by occultists John D y Edward Kelly In the sixteenth century. Interestingly, these two men meet in Neohe.

Finally, Bayonetta 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch with impressive collector’s edition Trinity Masquerade and reissuance in physical format of the first installment of this License. Both products are already confirmed for distribution in the American region.

Nintendo The current year hasn’t stopped delivering great releases and that momentum won’t stop in the coming months, when we’ll not only get to see the return of the sensual witch, but also be able to enjoy it. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 y Pokemon Violet | ScarlettTo name a few.


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