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A statement published by US Republican Marco Rubio in the pages of the Financial Times leaves no room for possible misunderstanding: if Cupertino’s Apple relies on Chinese company Yangze Memory Technology Co. for future NAND controllers, “it will be subject to unprecedented regulation.” “. Let’s find out what it is.

Apple Rubio Financial Times 12 September 2022
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Time for announcements, launches, celebrations and promotional videos for it appleAfter last week’s new model presentation iPhone And all the news connected with them.

But, as we know well,ecosystem Large companies are always full of simultaneous pleasures and pains, deadlines and multiple emergencies, pleasant or not. success and satisfaction but inconvenience and a headache Which in some cases can significantly threaten their stability.

And, at this point, if on the one hand Apple celebrates and celebrates the new iPhone 14On the other hand he finds himself contradicting himself strong criticismWe might even say violent, coming from two members of the US Republican Party, Blonde frame e Michael McCalland spills from its pages financial bar.

Marco Rubio and Michael McCall worry about Apple’s relationship with China

NAND Apple Rubio Financial Times 12 Settembre 2022
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Two members of the Republican Party expressed concern about cooperation between Apple and Chinese companies Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. (YMTC) in reference Chip Flash memory Nanda For use on some iPhones for the Chinese market.

And, according to Rubio, “Apple is playing with fire,” he bluntly told the Financial Times. “He knows the risks safety As a result of YMTC. If it continues, it will be subject to Controls never seen before by the federal government. We cannot allow Chinese companies affiliated with the Communist Party to access our telecommunications networks and millions of American iPhones”.

A very strong statement of course, which Apple doesn’t seem worried about, as what appears to be the possibility of collaboration with YMTC is only taken into accountAnd is not implemented, and even if it is implemented, it will be alarming Devices are sold only and exclusively within the boundaries of the Chinese market and not outside of it.

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