Nokia 3310: Exciting invention, sky-high price for those who like it



Unbelievable but true, there is a specific model of Nokia 3310 that is worth a staggering figure today. Many users are talking about it considering the price has skyrocketed in recent times

i i l Collection world Keep getting new fans. Also thanks to the internet and the many notice boards, today it is very easy to find everything you need. Rare coins and stamps are popular, but other products such as records, vinyl, cloth and … Telephone

nokia 3310 20221021
There is a special model of Nokia 3310 which is worth a real fortune today. We suggest you take a look (Adobe Stock)

Specifically in the latter category, there’s a recent discovery that’s driving enthusiasts (and not) crazy. Remember very dear Nokia 3310? We are probably talking about one of the most cult models in history. It seems that, thanks to a certain feature, today the price is higher and higher than yours Actual value.

Nokia 3310, you can earn a lot if you have this model

nokia 3310 20221021
Here’s everything you need to know about this particular model, which sells for €299 and is in practically perfect condition (ebay screenshot).

The ad appeared a few hours ago and is already making its way around the web It has a model Nokia 3310 With blue color, new and 100% original which is valuable 299 euros! We are talking about a very high standard, but which is justified by the fact that it is one of the few versions still in circulation. Which is practically innocent. The box is like new, as is the phone itself. Invoice, user manual and never used charger are also included in the package.

A real treat for all fans, who can take them home One of the most iconic phones At the high cost of history, but motivated by its technical characteristics. There are some features, never before seen in phones of that time. For example chat function, To talk via SMS and follow the entire conversation via phone display. It is impossible not to mention the game Snakes and Space Invaders, which marked several generations. Strong point is intelligent vibration, which is in addition to reminders (up to 10 can be saved per day). If you have a Nokia 3310 model at home that you have never touched before, we recommend you Sell ​​immediately: You can earn a real fortune!


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