Nokia 3310, this model was sold for more than 2 thousand euros Gold details that make the difference


There are several phone models that have made history. And we’re not just talking about smartphones, but old cell phones with keypads and screens. Among them is the Nokia 3310, a special model of which was sold for 2 thousand euros!

From the earliest times to the present day, art mobile phone Made great moves. We are facing a real revolution, with technology that fascinates us every year with new technologies and formats that are modified and more effective for customers and their needs. However, it is worth remembering that the models made history, even 20 years ago.

Nokia3310 (Photo Canva)

There’s one in particular that, thanks to the internet and a cute meme, is back in vogue: Nokia 3310. Nicknamed for being virtually indestructible, it gets people talking even years after its launch. And there it was Unrestyling Designed to follow the success achieved by Nokia a few years ago.

Nokia 3310, a model sold for 2000 Euros

i i l Nokia 3310 It is one of the most numbered models ever. Throughout its history, millions of consumers from all over the world have bought one. Incredibly resistant, with super battery life, a simple and elegant design, calls with sufficient volume, a useful keypad, games, ringtones and more. All elements that contribute to the creation of this model are a The original flagship for Nokia.

nokia 20221122 3
All details of the gold model (screenshot)

i am The collector is shattered, and if you have a model at home, know that you can make a fortune reselling it. Then there are some specialized models that are developed ad hoc by some companies that are dedicated to this sector. There is one in particular that was recently sold for a very specific reason Crazy amount of 2 thousand euros!

We are talking about a gold and titanium version, to celebrate the meeting that took place G20 between Putin and Trump. Obviously the materials used have contributed to the phenomenal increase in the final cost. It’s also a limited edition, so demand far outstrips supply. A gem that fans of mobile phones and Nokia 3310 In particular, it cannot be escaped.

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