Nokia, anonymous bomb: torna il mitico N73 ma with 200 MP di photoocamera e design unico –



Nokia N73 is about to make its debut in the market of smartphones. The elegant and indiementable model from Dell’Azienda Torna with an ultra-terrific photo camera and a unique design that is unique to its genre.

Nokia N73 2022: render unofficially - 110522
Nokia N73 2022: render unofficially – 110522

Nokia Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. That is with the remake Nokia 3310e lo sarà anche con N73, one of the cellular products of the most successful Finnish country. This was 2006 when Nokia was relegating its merchandise to those who were giving away all the glimpses of the canto of the Colossus, before the advent of the smartphone iPhone and its decline with Windows Phone.

On the other hand, at the end of the day, Nokia is still trying to get rid of its disposition with a remake that – we’re safe – far away from the lungs. Stando alla testata cinese CNMOazienda sarebbe pronta a rispolverare N73, donandogli unico design, but supported a photo camera with incredible. Parliamo del sensor ISCELL HP1 di Samsung da ben 200 MP.

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200 MP and a unique design: one of the new N73 from Nokia

Nokia N73 2022: render unofficially - 110522
Nokia N73 2022: render unofficially – 110522

In fact, we are not aware of any ulterior motives, but it is very important for us to be aware of the fact that we, too, find ourselves in a situation where we are not aware of the telephone conversation. Dalla Cina will bring a render that represents, albeit in line theory, the design that is new N73 I want her Modern version. The protagonist is indiscussed quadro photoocamere posteriorethat if mangia is a good part of the scoop posta sul retro, in which figura su tutto il sensor da 200MP.

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Come on, let’s get to the bottom of this, let’s face it indiscretions non official. How well do you think with the doverose pinze how much diramato dai colleghi asiatici; We would like to meet the Finnish explorers who love to give a new life to a model that neglects itself and has given us the name Vera and propria legend with panorama of cellular. After all, the protagonist is the sensor ISOCELL HP1 di Samsungthe first sensor photographic to capture the spawning chiffra di 200MPwith pixels 0.64 um e sensor da 1 / 1.22.


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