Nokia returns to the bomb with three mobile phones and a tablet: they remind us of the models that made history but … –


The company presents them as an alternative to the devices that always make us want to be constantly interconnected and celebrates tradition by respecting it and re-proposing it in the smallest detail, and allowing itself to modernize significantly. Here are the new models from Nokia.

New model of feature phone Nokia 5710 –

Three new models Feature phone (Pay attention to the name: the absence of the word “smart” is not accidental) and a new model of it Tablets: The Nokia Covering the market with new unique proposals and, we can define them, “contrary to the current” with respect to the current panorama of the sector, deliberately separating itself from the mad rush towards increasingly more devices. smart and biased tradition.

And a tradition that has become ProverbThanks to the model that has been assembled in the past Mediterranean Synonym of proposal Reliability, Durability e Quality “Planned Unconventional” techniques for looting will last for years without the associated temptation Win the challenge of time.

And that’s what it feels like Vitoria Arrived, clear and punctual: Nokia actually proves to be able to maintain one balance It offers its own vision of technology in its service, balanced between its origins and current modernity Communication with character and courage and finds its own unique and distinctive path in its complex contemporary map mobile phone.

New models of feature phones and tablets

Nokia T10 13 July 2022
New tablet model Nokia T10 –

i am 5710 Express Audioi am8210 4G And 2660 Flip to the telephone. On the other hand is the new Nokia Tablet T10. And here’s that immediately the roots All of them appear in evidence, starting from the first model: the 5710 is, in fact, an evolution 5310 Express Music Dell 2007. And if, on the one hand, it keeps what Physical for the control of the tracks, on the other hand it adds the innovation of integration to the back of the slot Wireless earphones.

8210 is an evolution instead of 4G8210 That Nokia churned even last millennium, 1999: again minimalistBut with memory expansion, wireless FM radio and above all Snake. when 2660 Flip It has two 2.8-inch displays, large keys and an emergency button.

Finally the tablet: with the chip Unisoc T606, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB expandable space. The display is 8 inches with HD resolution, two cameras and three years of monthly security patches. and i the price? starting from 79,99 euros For 4G and flip, to reach 189,99 euros For T10 extended with LTE. From the end of July. in all stores. Even the smartest.

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