Nokia, the company shuts down: you don’t buy them anymore


A news that is incredible, especially considering who the message came from. Nokia has thought of an exciting stop, which users are now finding themselves thinking of alternative solutions

The market varies for all major sectors. He couldn’t fail to be interested in smartphones, which are forever changing. We are already witnessing important news in recent years, for a phenomenon that will last through time

Nokia Ready to Change Business Strategy (Adobe Stock)

The latest success in this sense comes from HMD Global, which offers Nokia-branded smartphones in the market. An initiative called “Circular” has been launched and which, in effect, like BMW’s “Why Buy?” With this, other big companies have already followed suit. The idea of ​​changing business for more sustainable and smarter choices for all.

Nokia is pushing for rent, benefiting from “circular” initiatives

Why buy when you can rent it? This is the basic idea on which HMD Global’s new “Circular” initiative rests, which is called “Why Buy?” This includes what BMW has already done.

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What’s New in the New Rental Plan (Adobe Stock)

It’s a new business model, reserved for a few countries like Germany and the UK for now, but could soon expand to the rest of the world. The main focus of the Finnish company is to convey the message that it is possible to benefit from an environmental sustainability perspective with a consumption model that is not based on ownership.

Instead of waiting for a phone to “die”, and then put it in a drawer and buy a new one, it would be better to opt for a rental. Once the selected time is up, you can upgrade to the next model and recycle your old phone So you can recover valuable building materials for future reuse.

Within the circular plan, there is also CASCO protection against breakage and theft. For lifetime, there are three options. The period is 36 months, after which mobile phones are no longer guaranteed to receive Android security updates. If a user decides to change their smartphone earlier, the latter undergoes a so-called refurbishment and can be used again in another market or with a cheaper rental plan. Otherwise, he will end up doing charity work and live a second life in charity projects. Although the damage is very high, everything is sent to the disposal and recovery center to absorb the materials.

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