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There are very few details about Nothing Phone (1) so far. Nonetheless, the first smartphone from the start-up of CarPay, co-founder of OnePlus, is expected with great hype. So far, the summer of 2022 has always been mentioned as a launch, but July should be the last time.

Updated from July 08, 2022:

It will be almost time and nothing phone (1) July 12 was officially unveiled. Some specifications and features are already known, but some features are still missing. Two TikTok-Video Bhoom Nothing-Canal Make sure, among other things, a 120 Hz fast AMOLED display As well as an integrated one In-display fingerprint sensor. According to rumors, it will be a 6.55-inch panel with full HD + resolution.

Quelle: TikTok (@
Quelle: TikTok (@

In addition, there are Twitter user @stufflistings A certificate has been found from TÜV Süd which can provide information about the charging performance of Nothing Phone (1). So far, a maximum of 45 watts has been estimated, but according to the certificate, the smartphone can “only” do it. Maximum 33 watts load (11 volts at 3 amps). It won’t be relatively fast, but the phone (1) may be different with wireless charging.

Updated from July 01, 2022:

Oops, Amazon Germany has just leaked the price of the Nothing Phone (1) (so to speak). But not only that, there are three planned memory variants as well as a Possible availability date Is unveiled by the online store. Related product pages are now offline, but you know – the Internet is not forgotten.

Possible variants and prices:

  • 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage – 469.99 euros
  • 8 GB RAM + 256 GB storage – 499.99 euros
  • 12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage – 549.99 euros

According to Amazon, Nothing Phone (1) will not be released until October 26, 2022, which will be extremely late. But it is quite possible that Nothing will only get on top of smartphones Custom page with invitation code And then after a while I want to sell them through specialist dealers and online stores

However, Amazon has inevitably released specs. Previously suspected equipment is largely confirmed. The focus is on a Snapdragon 778G +, a 4,500 mAh battery with 45 watt charging and a 6.55-inch OLED with a 120 Hz frame rate. However, the chances of delivery seem a bit bad, with only a screen protector (probably already implemented) and a USB cable in the box, in addition to the smartphone. However, like Samsung and Apple, nothing shines Exclude power supply.

Updated from June 29, 2022:

The Nothing Phone (1) The waiting list is filling up, already waiting there More than 169,000 interested teams A smartphone reservation. More details and rumors are slowly coming to the surface, including Black model – which will cause a stir, especially in conjunction with the LED signature.

What: Twitter (@ Ishanagarwal 24)

Also mentioned on the website Rootmigalaxy, Which has so far leaked less, provided a few specifications. This is how a smartphone should have one Snapdragon 778G + There are things that are now known as nothing (For input exclusively) Has been confirmed. Depending on your preference, SoC is probably 8GB or 12GB RAM Internal memory is said to have capacity up to 256 GB to dispose. Also, there is probably a 4,500 mAh battery, which is charged via USB-C with a maximum of 45 watts.

There is one in front 6.55 inch OLED display With 120 Hz frame rate and integrated fingerprint sensor. For selfies, there is a 16MP punch-hole front camera. There will be one on the back 50 megapixel main camera As well as a second camera expected of 16MP, possibly with an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Noting Phone (1) should be priced in advance Starting at US $ 397, Which currently corresponds to around 375 euros. The top model with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage is priced at $ 456, which is around 430 euros at the moment. The official presentation on July 12 will show whether these prices are really accurate.

Updated from June 26, 2022:

Nothing will officially launch the phone (1) on July 12, but the smartphone can already be pre-ordered by then. With their first smartphone just like the OnePlus, nothing is using it now Invitation system with waiting list. If you get an invitation code, you can get one for 20 Pre-order space for smartphones Back up. These reservations must then be made within 48 hours.

Build: Nothing

The correct order can then be placed on the day of launch. However, the price of the device is not yet known. However, the “deposit” already paid will be deducted, and a € 20 voucher will also be added for accessories for smartphones or ear (1) in-ear headphones.

Updated from June 22, 2022:

After Nothing now published the design of the phone (1), it was now allowed YouTuber MKBHD Take a closer look at the smartphone and its unique back. The focus was so-called “Glyph interface”, I.e. LED light. Like a notification LED (if you still remember it), it can notify you of incoming calls, messages or charge levels.

In addition, it seems diverse Settings and personalization options For example, to give custom lighting effects for selected contacts. If the smartphone is placed face down, it is also activated Silent-modus – Then the notifications are run via LED only. LEDs can also be used for lighting for photos or videos.

Updated from June 15, 2022:

And a little later, just a month before the official presentation, nothing fully reveals the design (1) of the phone. As expected from some teasers and fan-based render images, nothing gives the smartphone an unusual look. Looks like the back Partially transparent And allows a delicate look inside. There are also white lines in the camera area Charging coil for wireless charging Eye-catching phone (1) We are excited to see what it will look like in real life, do you like the design?

Build: Nothing

Updated from June 14, 2022:

With a new video, nothing is heating up the hype about their first smartphone. There are no new details about the device, but the phone (1) will be seen very briefly at the end of the video – albeit a bit blurry. Also, Nothing has a lot of behind-the-scenes insights and exciting information: the smartphone will probably be the first to be found in an online marketplace on StockX.

Updated from June 13, 2022:

A few days after officially announcing the launch date, Nothing Phone (1) is now making its debut. How among other things 91 mobiles Report a narrow ad banner on Indian site Flipkart Went online. This picture shows not only two blue and white birds, but The upper part of the back of the smartphone. Meanwhile, the picture is nothing Officially on Twitter Divided

Coyle: Nothing

At first glance, the first thing that catches the eye Angular frame On, which is probably made of metal. Like the design drawing directed in March, the camera is located at the top left. How many sensors use nothing, however, remains unclear. However, they are much more exciting Marks and round hintsWhich may give the smartphone some future character.

We’ll probably see the whole design at the launch event or a few days ago. Then there should be more information about the specification, which is still quite vague.

Updated from June 08, 2022:

Nothing now On Twitter Announced that the phone will be at (1) Opening Ceremony Will be presented on 5 July at 5pm German time. So the date below, which was leaked to us about two weeks ago, could probably be the first Nothing smartphone to launch in the market. However, the details of the specification are still unknown.

Original post from May 24, 2022:

We have leaked information that the phone is nothing (1) On July 21, 2022 Will turn on. The date must be from one European dealer Origin, but the source wants to remain unknown. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether Nothing will officially present the smartphone that day, such as in the form of a launch event, or whether the device will go on sale that day.

We haven’t been given any new details about the equipment and specifications, but nothing should Price range is around 500 euros The target phone (1) can therefore become an attractive priced mid-range smartphone with a transparent appearance and wireless charging, if the first teasers are correct. Whether it is a smartphone or not Media market Or Sat pre-order May be left to see.

Nothing has already brought well-known manufacturers like Qualcomm, Google and Samsung on board as partners. Phone (1) Probably New Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accept? However, the company relies on its own Android interface called Nothing OS for the software. You can already use its design with it Nothing launcher Try.

As far as design is concerned: Carl Pay showed a few insights and the first sketch. Especially Wireless charging coil It seems to be in focus and should be especially eye-catching. So it can be exciting to see what the smartphone will look like in the end.

Important: Since this is leaked information, you should use it with a little caution.

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