Nope’s director wants to make his own video game




It is known that currently its creator Dr Metal Gear Solid Broadcasting its own podcast on the platform Spotify, a place where he not only talks about video games, but also movies and more. And he was a guest on his last program in September Jordan the pillDirector of recent films noWho gave interesting testimonials.

During an interview with coming soonasked the pill about his appearance on the podcast and was asked if he was interested in “working in an interactive medium” like video games. the pill He replied “Absolutely. I love games,” and described his appreciation for storytelling, saying he would work on something like that without thinking.

discussion of the pill con which one The two began by expressing respect for each other, with the filmmaker acknowledging Kojima as an inspiration and declared gaming icon found out, our y no Like breaking with modern film tradition. Something that has undoubtedly been attributed to him, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he was nominated in the future oscar.

In related news Hideo Kojima. He has recently mentioned that he plans to create a new medium within video games, something that is not so clear if this will be implemented in his new projects. If you would like to know more about this announcement, we invite you to click on the following link.

Through: Gamerant


Publisher’s Note: It would be interesting for Jordan to take the option of video games, since film people rarely dare to participate in this industry. Guillermo del Toro was going to be the first one, but we already know what happened in the end.


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