NordVPN threat protection: no chance for viruses, trackers and co.



Launching earlier this year, NordVPN Threat Protection will be available as a standalone product. From 2.49 euros per month, virus protection removes harmful websites, trackers, phishing attempts and viruses.

What is NordVPN threat protection?

NordVPN, der Leading provider of VPN solutions For anonymous surfing, threat protection has been added to its app in early 2022. of Built-in antivirus tracker blocks ads and other cyber threats, emitted from malicious websites. Even before additional threat protection was introduced, NordVPN was included in our test report Comprehensive data protection functions Score points, which allow not only anonymous but safe surfing.

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of NordVPN threat protection Blocks ads and tracking, but also prevents users from accessing websites infected with viruses or fake for phishing attacks. Downloaded files will be fine Checked for malware during download And deleted if found suspicious. Files such as PDF or DOCX documents that may contain potentially personal information will not be scanned. Blocked trackers as well Scanned files and websites can be viewed at any timeProactively avoid similar threats in the future. As a little bonus, can use threat prevention Improve browser performanceBlocks ads and trackers when webpages load.

As of now, the NordVPN team offers Threat Protection is available as a standalone product Turn on. Threat Protection is still included as a built-in feature with a NordVPN subscription, but can be enabled when not connected to a VPN server. NordVPN Threat Protection is available on macOS and Windows, and can be used in a browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge activate

NordVPN Threat Protection is activated directly from the NordVPN app. In the app you can find the function by the shield symbol on the left side. In the following menu, the way Threat Protection works can be further customized by toggling certain features on and off.

the price

of NordVPN threat protection is Optionally as 1-month package or as 1-year package Available Anyone looking for short-term protection can currently book monthly packages for EUR 4.99. NordVPN comes with one year of threat protection Reduced by 50 percent for EUR 2.49 per month or a total of 29.88 euros. For comparison, NordVPN’s standard plan, which also includes threat protection, costs $11.99 per month and $4.49 per year for one year. The cheapest is the 2-year package, which costs €2.99/month for Standard, €3.99/month for Plus and €5.29/month for Complete.

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Also, for those considering subscribing to the full NordVPN service, there couldn’t be a better time: The Black Friday campaign runs until November 30thWhere you can save a lot. Because during this period who NordVPN 2 year or 1 year package Standard, Plus and Full Buys, accepts An additional 3 months His choice for free.

Also Password manager NordPass Cheap until the end of November. The Up to 50 percent off NordPass Premium Plans, so that the premium for 2 years costs only 1.49 euros per month. The NordPass Premium 2-year family plan is even discounted by 53 percent from €2.79/month.


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