Not sure how to vote on WhatsApp? With this guide, it will be very easy –



Let’s imagine that a long and protracted discussion has to be instituted, where actual votes are needed to reach a safe conclusion. The best thing would be a survey, perhaps choosing specific emoticons that act as a “team” for supporters, and that wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. But what if we use a new function? Here’s what WhatsApp just launched.

Not sure how to vote on WhatsApp?  With this guide, it will be very easy
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Polls: Here’s a feature we all need

After half a year of waiting, which will never end, WhatsApp A very interesting new setting has officially launched. Not everyone will notice it, but it is now possible to poll in the application, similar to what happens on Instagram and Telegram.

The method of use is very easy to explain as well as plenty of practice. We have to give it: once a chat is opened, whether it’s a group or an individual, it’s enough to click on the “+” on the left side of the keyboard. At this point, a will appear Series of sections: Camera, photo and video library, documents, location and contacts.

Making the vote wasn’t easy

Not sure how to vote on WhatsApp?  With this guide, it will be very easy
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And obviously the voice will not be absent.”the poll“, which we will have to click will be the exact one. By doing this we will have the possibility to be able to select the “Create Poll” screen with the possibility to add a “Question” and more “Options”. We can select up to 10 solution different To complete the configuration, with the possibility to report on the decisions made by the users.

To do this, just go to “Show Polls” to be able to summarize all the information, from the question to who exactly participated in the survey. percent reached For each option. In short, it’s exactly the kind of function we’ve wanted to see for a while, but which probably wasn’t as urgent to insert compared to other functions.

Increasing the number of participants in a group up to 512 and multi-device setting was probably a priority, but now it is less important: let’s evaluate this moment and consider that it is a much more useful feature than we thought. But we think it’s just one Many ideas Let’s not ignore the green app updates that Meta is planning to launch.

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