Nothing phone (1): Low quality hype device



Hardly any smartphone is currently making more headlines than the Nothing Phone (1) – both positively and negatively. After all, it’s not every day that a device is launched on the market by a “brand new” company. But it’s also because of the brand’s confident look led by OnePlus founder Carl Pei. After all, nothing phone (1) should really heat up the competition. Does it work? The first days of smartphones in the hands of consumers are over — and complaints continue to mount.

Even if Carl Pei naturally has more than enough experience in the smartphone industry thanks to OnePlus and you really don’t want to forgive newbie mistakes anymore: You can somehow ignore the incomplete software and a green color gradient on the screen. Even with more expensive smartphones from established manufacturers, there are often problems at launch, and even Google is not immune to them. But the error reports in this case are much higher than usual.

Tote Pixel um die Punchhole-Camera

Among other things, fellow Leonardo von Report on Twitter about one A clearly visible area of ​​dead pixels around the front camera cutout. Apparently, there was no external influence to cause this error. The display error appeared less than a week later.

A brief search on Twitter under the hashtag shows that this is not an isolated incident # Nothing Phone1. Dead pixels around punchholes don’t seem to be found in every single copy, but there are an alarmingly high number. How big or small the area of ​​dead pixels varies, but it’s always visible and very annoying.

The Nothing Phone (1) is not the first smartphone with these symptoms. If you do a little digging on the internet, you might even find it Review about OnePlus 8 Pro, which also combats dead pixels. was similar to Google Pixel 6 out

Too many errors: Customers cancel orders

So far, there has been no official statement from Nothing or Carl Pei himself on the matter. Above all Support responds to such complaints and asks you to contact us, hopefully the device will be replaced later. But the damage has already been done. First customers are again canceling their orders due to the abundance of errors or are still hesitant to place them.

Unfortunately, it also has nothing to do with delivery issues, especially for the white version with 12/256 GB. Customers have more time to think about ordering again.

Of course, the Nothing Phone (1) launch could have gone more smoothly. However, I doubt the poor quality of some of the brand’s devices will do any harm in the long run. But it’s also clear that there’s nothing wrong with the phone (2) – as it would hopefully be called – a closer look in terms of quality assurance. Have you ordered the Nothing Phone (1) or are these reports preventing you from doing so?

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