Nothing Phone (1) not fully unveiled: The new Android smartphone will have a unique design – Video –


A video by Marquez Brownlee unveils the design of Nothing Phone (1) and highlights a brand new feature

None Phone (1) He has no secrets now. Considering the amount of rumors about the much-anticipated new Android smartphone that they weren’t before, but the latest video released by the famous American YouTuber Marquez Brownlee (aka) MKBHD) Definitely puts an exclamation point on the features of the first signed “gem” Carl PayFormer Frontman D OnePlus.

L’estetica di Nothing Phone (1) (screenshot Marques Brownlee YouTube)

This time we are not talking about technical information or hardware components, but only about Aesthetics. YouTube has actually got a preview of the smartphone and decided to release a new video – which you can find in this article – to show its viewers. And consequently for the whole world.

None Phone (1) So for the first time ever, it takes an important determination and intensifies the expectations of the fans, and not in terms of its official debut, we remember on the appointed day. Next July 12. The special and detailed Spasmodic attention to the smartphone, of course, only confirms how hard Carl Pay and his associates have worked to present a complete and competitive project, especially able to awaken a sector full of proposals and options.

Nothing Phone (1) is a very special back cover: the return of LED notifications on Android smartphones

We knew its specialty Smartphones are nothing It will be there Back cover trasparente. Nevertheless, the video released by MKBHD reveals another important element of the device’s uniqueness: Notification LEDNow all Android smartphones have disappeared irrevocably – in favor of always-on display mode – but have been redesigned by the company in a whole new way.

As can be seen from the video, the back is surrounded by a Notification LED hidden Bottom of glass and forms, almost like an engraving, nothing logo. A result made possible by the latter 900 individual LEDs Mounted on the smartphone, which will report for battery level and charging completion during the notification and charging process.

Aesthetics match the eyesIPhone 12 Thanks for the dual camera and uniform frame. On all four sides of the front of the device is a screen with a very thin and symmetrical bezel, a feature that represents another uniqueness in the Android landscape other than the pioneer. Pixel 5, OnePlus 8T And the last ones Galaxy S22 and S22 +.

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