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Announced last May at I/O 2022, the new Google function that allows you to delete your data from search results has now entered the “roll out” phase and is already available to many users in the US and Europe. Here’s how to find out if we can already use it and how it works.

Rollout Takeout Google 23 Settembre 2022
Google’s Takeout feature, announced at I/O 2022 in May, is rolling out now

Google announced it last May and now the new feature has arrived: this TakeoutOr the possibility of requesting a search engine Removing our personal information from resultsAnyone wishing to remain anonymous (in whole or in part) for permission.

Big G has initiated the deployment phase of the feature and numerous users Android of United States e d’Europe They can already use it. To do this, simply open the Google app and pressProfile picture: if label “Results about you” (in English: “Results about you”), then the function is already activated for our account.

To use it, we can then press on the label: at this point Google will redirect us to an environment where we can request the removal of personal data e.g. email, the phone e home addressOur guide to the operation step by step.

The removal results will be reported to Google and the approval process

Takeout Google 23 September 2022
Some screenshots of the takeout environment –

By searching for our personal data within the function, Google returns us a List of results. Each of them will show, in correspondence, its symbol three vertical points which will allow us to access a control panel.

Once logged into the panel, if we want the selected result to no longer appear in the search engine, simply select the option “Remove the result” At this point, Google will process the request and beginApproval process.

However, a “Please note“: The request will not necessarily be accepted by Big G. According to the rules defined by Google, in fact, some of our data may be associated with other information that is not ours. open areaor blocked by Google Useful for other users. In this regard, we recommend reading our article, where we have detailed the policies adopted by Google for the removal policy

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