Nvidia has announced the launch of its 12 GB RTX 4080




A few weeks ago, Nvidia A new line of graphics cards for the series computers is presented to the world 40, a true step towards a new generation of graphics for those who play on PC. And among all the options, it has been announced that a model 4080 But now its 12GB.

It will be an option for those who want to spend less but have a capacity that exceeds 3080So they are taking 4 GB And thus price changes. However, some users feel that they should rename it 40 with any other number, because having two with the same last name would be confusing.

Note that recently the model Dr 4090, online stores and also those who decide to go to retailers that sell computer components are succeeding. It got to the point where there were endless queues around the block, they even put seat belts on them so nothing would happen to them.


The models 4080 inside 12GB y 16 GB The next release November 16 andn Online and in store. Pre-orders are already open.

Through: Nvidia


Editor’s Comment: Such cards increase their power exponentially with each release, so surely home video game consoles are already left behind.


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