On the 25th anniversary of the Fallout series, Fallout Shelter is getting a brand new update – PIXEL.



Bethesda continues to celebrate 25 years Fallout From the first part in 1997 to many generations of PCs and consoles to mobile devices – Fallout Always accompanied us. And for big anniversaries we publish A brand new update for Disaster shelter On mobile devices – the first update in four years!

New quests and enemies

Forces from space came to the wasteland! Fight alien enemies in a new adventure and bring advanced equipment with you… if your inhabitants survive.

(That’s not it Disaster shelter There is an extraterrestrial phenomenon: the players Fallout 76 You can also participate in Space Attacker’s limited-time event until October 18.)

New inhabitants and weapons

Discover new inhabitants with some helpful bots to join the ranks of your vault! Of course, we also brought some new weapons with us, so you don’t have to walk around your beautiful new home empty-handed.

New room design

Celebrate 25 years Fallout With our new room designs for your vault (or even your inhabitants returning unscathed from an adventure). With all these banners and balloons, it’s party time – all the time!


We’re mixing lunch boxes with new rewards for you to unlock, from clothing and weapons to pets and even residents! What new goodies does it contain? Just find out…

But wait, there’s more! Also, until 3pm on 18th October, we’re offering a discount on Lunchbox on the mobile version, which will let you save up to 50% on all packages. (Discounts and availability may vary, check the in-game store on your chosen platform for details).

It doesn’t matter if you are with us this year Disaster shelter For the first time in the world Fallout Whether you were on board, were there when Shelter launched seven years ago, or have been with the show since its inception in 1997, we want to thank the fans who helped make the show what it is today. We expect millions of players who Disaster shelter Downloaded, enjoy this new update and invite others to open your first vault today You can find all the details here here.

\*The latest update of Fallout Shelter is available for mobile devices only.

More Fallout Anniversary promotions

But that’s not all, because there’s more to do this week Fallout:

Fallout Music

Developer interview

Get an insight into its development background Fallout As such by Eric Deitrick, Senior UI Programmer at Bethesda Game Studios. They find out In an exclusive interview Eric Eric has been involved in his 17+ years at Bethesda Game Studios, including designing hacking systems. Risk 3.

Fallout Gift

accept Fallout 76 Still charge free for the whole of October as of now Prime Gaming-Giveaway Or use a limited one until October 17 Fallout 1st-Preview and try some selected features for free now.


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