One Lonely Outpost is a farm life sim in space



If you, like me, are profoundly intrigued by the phrase “robo-cows” then have I got a game for you: One Lonely Outpost. From the simple concept of “farm life game, but in space” the developers have spun what looks to be a fascinating little twist on the genre with its own unique features and ideas. It’s definitely one to watch for fans of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon as it prepares to release in Late 2021, complete with 4-person cooperative multiplayer.

Inverting the usual trope, rather than entering an existing community as an outsider, One Lonely Outpost has the player moving out to a new world to found a community. The player and their farm have to be a pillar of that community from the start, helping it to grow into the kind of lively and bucolic small town that another game might start in. One Lonely Outpost’s other big twist is around “Natural” versus “Synthetic” farming. Natural crops and animals require more time and effort to grow, but sell at a premium. Synthetic crops with spliced genes and, again, robo-cows take less work but have a greater risk of coming off a bit false and/or glowing.


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