One Piece confirms the disappearance of a major character


Despite taking his years, a piece Finally managed to put an end to the original conflict in the country hereTwo heart-stopping battles are taking place against Kaido y big mother. And while the characters have had periods of peace, it’s ensured that one of the most important familiar faces in the work has disappeared from the map.

We are told that in the last episode of the print edition sabo Some are in danger due to conflict, because of which the revolutionaries are safe from all kinds of danger. For him, the princess Vivi of in the carwho was once Straw Hat’s companion, was reported missing after her father was confirmed dead.


Current plot a piece Revisit its headquarters MarinaManifest that sabo He has become a hero to the world by killing his father Vivi, the cobra. As a family it is considered a big problem Nefertari One of the original 20 that started World governmentand then disappear Vivi It’s a mystery.

Knowing the circumstances behind the killing of the princess’s father is somewhat complicated, as it was implied that its crew the jump It was allied with the kingdom in the car. At the same time, the disappearance of the character could mean a secret plan, which could give the blue-haired girl an important participation after a long time.

For now, all is uncertain as the Straw Hat crew rests after the battle here.

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