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A Great Homecoming OnePlus is all set to conquer the world of telephony Let’s talk about the OnePlus 11 Pro which, according to the first renderings and rumors, should rely on an old acquaintance of the brand, a hallmark of its products.

OnePlus 11 Pro: the physical slider is back – 14922

One of the world’s biggest ideas “borrowed” from the iPhone. appleNot to mention how‘Careful slider. Cupertino is a distinctive brand of smartphone that was transported – historically – by ship OnePlus. Unlike the bite apple product, the latter has More sliders developedWith three different modes: silent, vibration and ringtones. However, in recent models, the Chinese giant decided to say goodbye – at least for the moment – to the physical slider, in favor of a – much more annoying – software solution.

OnePlus 11 Pro: (maybe) the physical slider of the frame is back!

But all is not lost. Yes, because, according to the first rumors to hit the net, complete with unofficial renderings, OnePlus 11 Pro Can reuse physical sliders placed on body frames. The top-of-the-range smartphone from the Asian company is coming to an end 2023, OnePlus will largely return to what went well with the tenth model. But apparently something will change, and that’s for sure Steve “Onlicks” HammerstofferSome unofficial renders of the device have interfered with the reveal.

OnePlus 11 Pro: the physical slider is back - 14922
OnePlus 11 Pro: the physical slider is back – 14922

In short, a A return highly anticipated by longtime fans The brand that made it — also — the alert slider is its own strength. Besides, the evidence of the rumors of the last few months has been placed in the center OnePlus 11 Pro And the return of the physical slider. Among the details branching together with the renderings, we can note Power button on the right side And the volume rocker on the left. to complete its “official” technical sheet OnePlus 11 ProThe Triple camera behind With inevitable cooperation Hasselblad.

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