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The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are in the midst of a wave of new OnePlus smartphone updates with the introduction of the latest security patches and some welcome news.

It’s time to dump her New update For Smartphone OnePlus. Manufacturer from Shenzhen, fresh from his presentation Answer 2T Aimed at winning the title of the best mid-range Android smartphone, the market has already started rolling out a new cycle of updates on various devices, thanks to its release aimed at enhancing security. The latest patch And some bug fixes to correct the distortions reported by the community.

OnePlus 9 Update News (OnePlus Screenshot)

There are several Smartphone OnePlus With this is updated in hours New OxygenOS update And the list we will report in a moment covers virtually all market segments from flagships (or rather former flagship OnePlus) and cheap smartphones. But let’s avoid putting too much meat on the fire and creating confusion.

In OnePlus smartphone update Those for release appear above OnePlus 8 e 8 ProFor which rolloutUpdate Oxygen C.20 Highlight The Android Security Patch was updated in May 2022 And an improvement System stability. In short, the manufacturer from Shenzhen wanted to fix some software flaws to keep the user experience of the two smartphones intact which, despite being a few years behind, continues to offer itself in the market for the possibility of Snapdragon 865 processor, beautiful display and fine design.

On the other hand, the situation is different OnePlus Nord N20 e OnePlus Nord CEReleases have been updated, respectively Oxygen A.05 e OxygenOS 11.0.17. In either case, the only significant news is the release of the May 2022 Android security patch.

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Updates: New Options for Gamers

OnePlus smartphone update
New Update for OnePlus Nord CE (OnePlus Screenshot)

The former flagship 2021 closes the circle OnePlus 9 e OnePlus 9 Pro, Whose new updates present a slightly more significant changelog. The new OxygenOS C.60 has actually introduced some new options which we are reporting below. First, there’s the possibility of using the Clock app in Quick Returns, but an end-to-end frame rate stabilizer has been added. Hyperbust To enhance the gaming experience. Finally, it is possible to open up to 3 apps in a floating window in split screen mode, thus increasing the multitasking capability of the two. Smartphone OnePlus.

I New OnePlus smartphone update Is already in the delivery process and will land on all supported devices If you haven’t received these updates, we suggest you proceed with a manual update from the device settings that we just reported.

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