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A week after the presentation, it has emerged that the new OnePlus 10T will have to do without an important feature. Here is the reason for this surprising decision

On August 3, the world of smartphones will officially welcome a new important hero: il OnePlus 10T. The device will boast OxygenOS 13 user interface and top-of-the-range technical specifications. It is the company itself that is revealing the details of its new pill formulation, to increase Consumer interest.

There’s new interesting information about what the OnePlus 10T will be, coming next week (screenshots)

Unlike expected, the absence of one important feature was confirmed last week: Warning slider. This is the classic physical selector that offers the possibility to make various changes Audio profile (silent, vibrate and ring) at any time, even when the screen is locked.

OnePlus 10T without alert slider, here’s why

oneplus 10t 20220725
The device has to do without an alert slider, a button to easily change the audio profile (screenshot).

A news that surfaced in the last few hours and was then officially confirmed by the head of OnePlus Insider Hope Liu In an interview with The Verge. new OnePlus 10T will not be able to boast L’Alert Slider, A surprising decision but one that was practically forced. Why? Free up space to insert other important elements, eg battery With fast charging support and a Antenna system last generation

Although the alert slider appears to be a very small component, it actually has a relatively large impact on the device’s motherboard area, occupying 30mm². It was necessary to intervene on the motherboard by increasing the thickness of the device, keeping the caution slider, to ensure the aspects that OnePlus 10T users care about the most”. About Liu. Note that, according to the latest rumours, the device should be battery-powered 4800 mAh including support for 150W fast charging Virtually the best that can be found in the market right now. Now there is an expectation to understand how the device will be welcomed in the market. The premise is more than good considering the specifications and possible launch price.

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