Oppo and OnePlus are carrying smartphones from stores


Consequences of Oppo and OnePlus

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Due to patent infringement and a legal dispute with Nokia, there were already fears that Oppo and OnePlus would have to stop selling smartphones in Germany. Now manufacturers have taken smartphones from their own stores.

After manufacturers continued to use Nokia technology after an expired patent agreement without renewing the agreement, they were sued. Among other things, the focus was on 5G mobile communication standards, user interface and security function technologies. Now there are probably high demands from Nokia, which Oppo is clearly not willing to give.

Their own brand stores no longer have smartphones

As a result, Oppo and OnePlus will have to temporarily stop selling in Germany. No more products to choose from official website or Amazon brand store. As of now, the smartphones are still available from Amazon or MediaMarkt. It is not clear how long this situation will last. In the past, OnePlus in particular brought competitive smartphones to the market, for example the Nord 2T (review), which we also recommend.

There are also speculations that Oppo and OnePlus may leave the German market and focus on other markets in the future. Given the upcoming Christmas business, however, a speedy resolution of this patent dispute is more likely.

Oppo users will continue to receive updates and support

An official notification on Oppo’s website aims to reassure buyers and users of Oppo smartphones. The manufacturer mentions that Oppo products can still be used. Software updates and support should be available without limitation.


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