Outlines the process for creating realistic digital avatars at the next stage of meta connection



While Meta dreams big about a metaverse future, where we will all interact in a fully digital environment, and where we can and do do things in a completely immersed world, a significant impediment to this process stands at the moment.

Can you guess it?

Meta VR avatar

Apparently, metavers The foot renders obsolete. And although the current incarnations are functional, in the basic sense, if Meta really wants to engage people with digital items, such as clothing and other customization elements, to make people more connected to their virtual identity, it will require a better creation process so that you can present your choice. You can create – up to shoe laces on your virtual sneakers.

Where this new development comes from.

You can watch this new video, posted by Meta CEO Mark ZuckerbergMeta is currently developing new technologies that will enable it to create more customized digital entertainment that mimics real human movement.

It can go a long way towards building truly personalized and representative avatars, which is also evolving through Meta. Codec Avatar Technology.

As you can see in this example, which Meta shared last year, the ultimate goal is to enable users to create fully realistic versions of themselves for use in the virtual world, including foot and full gesture mapping.

If, of course, they choose. Through the same process, you will be able to edit your look and change your digital self according to your own expression. But the basic idea is that you will have almost endless customization options available, enabling you to manage virtual activities with a fully structured presentation of your own, customized to your liking and, ultimately, fit the digital outfit just like you. Will buy clothes at a physical store.

This will open up many new opportunities for e-commerce, both in terms of selling original items (such as how you see them before you buy) and digital items, which will be an early expansion of NFT Push.

While there is a level of excitement with NFT profile pictures online, the real future of digital items is not in these cartoon images, but more in virtual items like digital clothing that you can buy and sell and take with you to its other components. Metaverse you see fit.

Customizations like this have proven to be popular in existing Metaverse instances, such as with platforms Robolax And Fortnite Generating significant revenue from in-game customization options.

Fortnite Item Store

Users buy digital clothing, or ‘skins’, which they want to use to represent themselves in this game world – but for now, their use is limited to each individual property. The ultimate goal of Metavers is to create a network of interactive environments, where you will be able to take these customizations with you – so if you choose to dress up as an art character at Fortnite, you can go to a work meeting. In the design of the same character.

These advanced creation tools from Meta are another step in that direction, and in this case it is interesting to consider the possibilities that they can facilitate and where such developments will reach in the next ten years.

Which deadline outlines the metavers shift of meta. While many want to go first and be pole positioned for the next technological advancement, the reality is that these systems will take time to formulate and become more accessible to everyday users.

As a basic example – for a proper avatar system to work, and to create a fully customized image of you in 3D, you need to scan yourself in a digital camera room, as in the meta video above.

It could, after all, be another component of Meter retail stores, the first of which opened in California earlier this month.

It’s not there yet, but as Meta looks to expand its physical store network, it may eventually add VR scanning booths where users will be able to capture their virtual self for these advanced avatars.

It’s still a bit far, but you can see where these developments are going, which could have a big impact, in a variety of ways.


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