Overclockers has some RTX 3090 stock, but it definitely won’t last



UK retailer Overclockers reports having limited amount of stock of the Palit Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Gaming Pro OC 24GB card, so definitely get it while you can.

The Palit RTX 3090 is selling for £1829.99, making it expensive even by the standards of the RTX 3090, but with a huge amount of VRAM, a boost clock of 1,725GHz, and more, this premium overclocker’s edition of the RTX 3090 over at Overclockers UK is about as close to a deal as you’re going to find, assuming you don’t want to pay profiteers a huge markup later.

If you can’t find an RTX 3090 at Overclockers, try your luck with these retailers


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