Owner acquires PUBG developer Neon Giant




Today, video game developers tend to buy studios to expand the creation of their titles, which is why we saw that earlier in the year Microsoft Will be shopping soon Activision Blizzard. and now, CraftonThe current owner of the story PUBGdecided to get the neon monsterA company that brought us interesting games like THe climbed.

In an earnings release on Friday, Crafton also revealed that the newly acquired Swedish studio is currently working on an open-world FPS. The debut game was released for consoles Xbox y pc Last July before reaching the system play station March. Mixed reviews led some to like it.

Here’s a review of what this game was all about:

Its beautifully detailed world design and incredible lighting make it one of the most visually stunning games of its kind we’ve ever played, and while its plot and dialogue can sometimes feel like trying to walk through diamonds, the exploration and combat that flow around you , make everything else a real pleasure.

For now, there are no further details of this purchase, but it is interesting to know that they are already working on a new title, which is now owned. Crafton. It also has a profit PUBG As of now, it’s possible that the graphics they’ve come up with are better as the production budget will be added.

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Editor’s note: Shopping for video game studios is attractive, regardless of the size of each’s reputation. Now we’re just waiting for Activision to buy in the coming months


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