Panasonic has announced a smart microwave that works with Alexa Digital trends


Panasonic joins the pack of other microwave manufacturers by releasing a new model that works with Alexa during CES 2022. Users can connect to the Panasonic Smart Inverter countertop microwave oven, working with Alexa-enabled smart speakers (NN-SV79MS) and fix the problem. Order, as desired.

What makes this microwave so smart? Well, when you connect it to a smart speaker, like an Echo or Echo Dot, you can tell the microwave to do more than 100 things. Ask Alexa to make popcorn or reheat your tea and the microwave will do it. Setup using Zero-Touch setup should be fairly straightforward (we think it’s done through the Alexa app) or 2D code setup (typically, it’s scanning a QR code). You do not need to connect to Alexa for the microwave to work, unless it is connected you will not be able to use the command feature.

How does it work as a microwave?

The unit is fairly compact (measuring slightly between 13 by 20.5 by 17.3 inches), so it will fit well on a countertop or in a dorm room. Microwave 10 plays many of the standard features expected, including power level, standard cooking settings (popcorn, 30-second reheat, and turbo defrost, which avoids cooking when defrosting food edges), stop / reset, and timer / clock. Panasonic’s Genius Sensor sets this model apart from other microwaves. Choose from 20 pre-programmed foods (oatmeal, melted butter, potatoes, etc.) and the microwave will measure the humidity of the food and calculate the required cooking time.

Like the others The Alexa-enabled smart microwave, the ability to tell Alexa to start the microwave can come in handy during your cooking, just as asking Alexa for a measurement conversion is helpful, but it’s not a reason to buy. It’s really important to have a solid microwave that won’t disappoint you.

The Panasonic NN-SV79MS smart microwave is now available at Best Buy and Amazon, Where it retails for 300.

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