PayPal, a serious error puts users’ existing accounts at risk –



According to some experts, PayPal will have a serious bug in the system that could lead to the theft of money from users’ existing accounts.

At a critical time as we are feeling, we need to be very careful about our network security. Even major services available can be hacked due to hacker attacks or system errors. In the case of this example PayPalUsers suffer from a very serious security problem.

paypal falla 20220525
PayPal’s security system has been identified with serious new vulnerabilities, endangering users (Adobe Stock)

According to TheHackerNews portal, expert h4x0r_dz identified one Unresolved weakness Something that can lead a user to approve a transaction that is actually controlled by attackers: just one click is enough. Described as strategy Clickjacking And can have very serious consequences.

PayPal, all details of the latest system errors have been identified

paypal falla 20220525
Hackers and criminals can use it to access personal accounts and steal money (Adobe Stock)

As explained by expert h4x0r_dz, on PayPal Would be a serious one System failure Which can have very serious consequences for users. In particular, the clickjacking technique is targeted Approval of alleged transactions, Actually led by corrupt people. To animate the attack, a false payment window is used but which is faithfully pressed on the original, so that all fraud can be done. Holder of a current account.

As explained, errors are found at the endpoint dedicated to invoice approval. Error given, other than token Billing agreement token, Which should only be approved. By doing this, any hacker can steal victims’ money in seconds. But that’s not all, because the vulnerability in question can also be used to subscribe to services. Allow payment via PayPal. Now the company has been asked to respond as soon as possible, to find a solution and secure the user’s accounts. An official note on the matter has not yet arrived, and it remains to be seen how the company will decide to fix the system error as soon as possible.


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