PC Gamer Hardware Awards: What is the best gaming CPU of 2020?



PC gaming has made some impressive strides forward this year, but the one component that stands out the most for me has been in the CPU space. Not only have we seen Intel pulling out some impressive improvements using its ageing 14nm++ production process (honestly, how it still manages to wring anything new out of that node is impressive in itself), but we’ve had a minor refresh from AMD in the form of its XT chips (remember those?). And then we got the real game-changer: Zen 3, which finally saw gaming parity between Intel and AMD.

AMD finally catching up with Intel’s gaming performance may not seem that big a deal, and it wouldn’t be if AMD hasn’t been pushing forward in other areas for a while now. It’s Zen architecture has had Intel up against the ropes in thread-heavy applications, with Ryzen chips offering more threads than Intel’s similarly priced alternatives. It’s got a hook on next-gen tech as well, offering PCIe 4.0 support long before we’ve seen anything from Intel on that front, as well offering impressive memory support across the board.


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