Pebble wants to make an iPhone 13 mini with Android: a new competitor to the Galaxy S22? –


The founder of Pebble has announced the existence of a project that will lead the company to launch a compact Android smartphone, ready to compete with the iPhone 13 Mini.

The most observant or simply enthusiastic about technology must remember the story PebblesA company, so to speak, its ancestor Smart watch But replaced by excessive energy and crowds of other producers. Project, dating back as far as 2013Not too lucky, but its makers already have plans to restore the brand’s visibility by maintaining an innovative approach.

Pebble ready to make big voice in mobile sector (AdobeStock)

Founded by the company Eric Migikovsky Is actually working to create oneOption Android all’iPhone 13 MiniAnd that already says a lot about its will Pebbles To get away from the crowd, Apple considers the sales numbers collected by the smallest of smartphones are not very positive. So it is understandable to talk about an Android alternative, however, this is a small statement, because the project seems to follow the hardware system almost faithfully. Compact smartphone With on board AndroidIncluding for example Galaxy S22 And it Xiaomi 12 or 12X.

Pebble Smartphone: Compactness, Modding and Stock Android

Compact Android Smartphone iPhone 13 Mini Android
A compact Android smartphone (screenshot small Android phone)

In fact, Eric Migikovsky’s manifesto foretells four basic issues. You can read in them This page, But we report them to you for the sake of greater completeness First, size. The smartphone needs to be compact, and this feature is further rejected Pebbles Thanks to sub-themes, such as ease of carrying it and using it every day Low weightHowever, the risk of falling out of the pocket while cycling is also eliminated.

To achieve the goal, Pebble’s smartphone will have a stylized design IPhone 13 Mini It’s one 5.4 inch display Amoled type with central “hole” e Uniform frame on all four sides. But most of all, there will be no sacrifice in terms of hardware, and it enhances the look even more Option Android all’iPhone 13 MiniBut at the same time the candidate as his main opponent Galaxy S22 and Xiaomi 12. By the founder’s own admission, lo Compact Android smartphone There will be no waiver as per sector PhotographicEnsures that there will be two sensors on the back, one of which may be of ultra-wide angle type.

According to Eric Migikovsky, new Smartphone pebbles Will guarantee At least 4 hours of active display And will mount a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series processor, a high-end range. The news is tied to a feature that will delight most geeks: Pebble confirms that there will be possibilities Unlock the bootloader manually. Finally the software. It’s okay to have Android, but a Stock operating system, Google Pixel style. Another point for the “purists” of the “green robot”. We will now see what the price and availability date will be.

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