Performance issues in games: Windows 11 Update 22H2 has been paused for now



Stuttering due to new Windows 11 Update 2022

(Photo: Microsoft)

The Windows 11 2022 update, also known as 22H2, has a negative impact on game performance. As a result, Microsoft has stopped shipping the update until the issue is resolved.

Version number 22H2 is the first major update to Windows 11 and has been available for download for months. The Official list of known issues, which publications have already existed for a long time. Now a new problem has arisen, which is Microsoft Pull the emergency brake emotional

something Games and applications Should be available under Windows 11 with the 22H2 update Decreased performance It will have to fight Inadvertently enabled GPU performance debugging capabilities, the result is jerking and performance fluctuations. Microsoft has one Adjust lock Imposed to temporarily prevent the update from being downloaded.

“Less than expected performance in some sports”

As a workaround for those who have already installed the 22H2 update, Microsoft recommends, update affected games and applications to the latest available version. Microsoft itself is probably aware that this is not a real solution to the problem, and it should mean that it doesn’t know what to do better at this point.

However, they are already working on a real solution that will be delivered as a patch by one of the upcoming updates. From a manual download of the Windows 11 2022 update via the “Update Now” button in the Windows Update Center However, it is discouragedUntil the issue is resolved and the temporary update backup is removed.


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