Phil Spencer asks again about Call of Duty exclusivity on Xbox




Already known, on the way to shopping Activision Blizzard by Microsoft Still on the way, something that really shocked the video game industry earlier in the year. And now that this agreement has nothing to do, Phil Spencer The investigation is continuing Call of Duty will become exclusive Xbox.

In a new interview, the CEO of the video game division commented that the company’s purchase is more about the mobile aspects, not something that would take COD away from other companies such as sony. Even mention what you want something similar to happen with MinecraftGames that are still available on all platforms despite purchase mojang.

He spoke at the event The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live, spencer The future is broad Call of Dutywhere he says the following:

Call of Duty will be available exclusively on PlayStation. I’d love to see it on Switch, I’d love to see the game played on different screens. Our goal is to treat COD like Minecraft.

It’s worth noting that these comments are a bit misleading, as it is understood that he does not plan to withdraw the shooter franchise from another platform, but the contract they wanted to sign. Call of Duty Multi-platform in the next three years. So this is still up in the air.

In its speech spencerReiterating that the main thing Microsoft is looking for is the mobile market:

This opportunity is truly mobile for us. When you think of the 3 billion people playing video games, there are only 200 million console households.

For now, buy-outs continue their course with an eye toward carrying deals 2023.

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