Phil Spencer hinted at possible price hikes for Xbox products




A few months ago, sony One gave some bad news about the users who wanted to buy play station 5, since the price increase for the console was officially announced. And while thinking a lot Xbox It won’t take the same path as its direct rival, it seems things are going to change in the future.

With a new interview WSJ Tech LiveIts CEO Xbox, Phil spencer, talked about current device prices as well as the potential for some growth, especially in regards to games. Well, there are currently some titles from third-party companies, as well as those from sony They are having a suggested price of $70 USD in stores.

He directly commented on this:

I think at some point we have to raise the prices of some things, but during the holidays we think it’s important to keep the prices down.

We’ve kept our console prices, we’ve kept our games prices… and our subscriptions. I don’t think we can do this forever. I think at some point we will have to raise some prices on some things…

It’s worth commenting on Microsoft He’s kept his word on pricing, as his large-scale releases continue to ship at around $60 USD. However, it may not be entirely profitable, so following the trend of other companies is something that would not be so far-fetched.

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Editor’s Comment: It is clear that this has to happen, because sustaining a business that does not generate the expected profits in the long run can be detrimental. Larger video game productions are usually more expensive, so product prices must increase.


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