Philips unveils new Hugo Go lamp and tap switch Digital trends


Philips Hugh has discontinued a number of new smart lamps and upgrades, including a portable lamp, a new twist on its physical switch, a new indoor downlight, and other upgrades.


The new Philips Hugh Go lamp offers the same features as the previous generation packed in a new form factor. A wireless charging base lets you grab it and go with minimal noise. The stem has a grip to help you rotate it when a single button is rotating through different scenes. The unique runtime of the lamp is 48 hours. Expect to see it on store shelves at $ 160 by the end of summer

The new Philips Hugh Tap gives you quick access to four user-defined lighting scenes and a dial around those buttons gives complete dim control. Like the previous generation, it can be removed from its wall mount and used anywhere around the house. You can now snatch it for 50 50 in black or white.

The Philips Hugh sign lamp with oak finish is set up in the bedroom.

A new version of the slim sign lamp will be released in mid-July with the finest oak finish. If this is not your jam, there are already versions with a more muted black and white base The new one will cost you around 350 Towards software, Philips is introducing a new sunrise routine, which promises to provide a smoother waking experience. It is optimized for working with gradient lighting, such as Signe lamps.

Finally, Philips is releasing a new generation of its recessed lights with increased brightness across the board. These are available in 4-inch, or 5- / 6-inch variations and in 4-packs if you need to build a complete house. Second generation color downlights $ 60 for each or $ 220 for four. Third-generation white lights are 50 or $ 190 for a pack of four.

There are a few more products in Europe that will be coming soon and hopefully will reach the North American coast soon. These include a new track lighting system called Perifo, a recessed spotlight for the Xamento dubbed bathroom and a table version of the aforementioned Oak Sign lighting.

While the Hugh brand is more competitive than ever, it is bringing loads of different designs into its smart light family. Bulbs are still a big part of the picture, but this string of announcements clearly emphasizes fully-integrated hardware.

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