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If there is one Android smartphone that, more than anything else, attracts the attention of enthusiasts, it is undoubtedly the first Nothing Phone (1). The company isn’t quite new to anything so it’s ready for its first software update, which brings with it some improvements and goodies. Let’s find out together.

Nothing Phone: ecco il primo update software – 21722

If you are among many who follow events related to special interest nothing and his phone (1), it is good that you know about the arrival of its first update there nothingThe operating system on which Nothing’s Phone (1) runs is all set to welcome its first official update, an interesting software update that brings several improvement e announcementwith someone Bug fix As reported by users and unique goodies of their kind.

NothingOS: What’s in the first update?

Nothing Phone: ecco il primo update software - 21722
Nothing Phone: ecco il primo update software – 21722

Don’t rejoice too early: Hardware-related issues such as i display verdi, camera condensation, dead pixels etc., cannot be updated with this update, which is only and only limited to improving some aspects related to the software of the device. The update focuses primarily on Fixed some bugs, has been reported by many who have already received the device and who, as a result, have sent various error reports to the company. There are also some daily usage news and improvements, including the introduction of support forHDR10+.

And still improving Camera side UI, fingerprint enrollment and smartphone unlocking. Apart from bug fixes and user experience improvements, some aspects have also been optimized HDR side camera performance, portrait mode and night mode. There is also the aspect of considering half of the hardware and software or the LEDs placed on the back of the device, now improved thanks to the interface glyph Renewed with the latest update. Updates released via OTA to owners of the Nothing Phone (1) weigh only 94MB. A gem of goodies, the changelog shared with the update presents emoticons as an integral part of the news and fixes list associated with the update.

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