Phone in bathroom: Using it is bad for your health, avoid it at all


Once upon a time it was a common practice, still in force but reserved for young people called Boomers, to go to the bathroom and read newspapers, magazines, why not comics. Smartphone usage has overtaken that old habit, so has Android or iOS.

Definitely the galley of social networks. tick tock Above all, but also Instagram, YouTube And, again in the case of Boomer, Facebook. But according to a recent survey, the world gaming, With the increasing growth of the market from the mobile perspective, it entered this custom right.

Do not use mobile phones in the bathroom! –

The main problem is the bathroom, although a clean room compared to others, that place remains one of the richest. Germs and bacteria Absolutely: You’ll need to wash your hands every time you enter, because even in a “sick” clean house it’s impossible to remove those crowded colonies of bacteria from the floor, tap, shower surface, or tub.

Our smartphones have a high number of bacteria

Meanwhile, our inseparable companion of the day emits electromagnetic waves that are harmful to our health, if we take it to the bathroom, spend more time with it, it goes without saying that it is not good. It may not fit.

Beyond logic, the facts that Italians have in common, there are alarming numbers to ensure careful containment of a trend, which is spreading rapidly.

Bacteria count - 20220921
Bathroom bacteria count is too high –

According to a recently published study National Library of Medicinei i l National Center for Biotechnology Information, high-level bacterial contamination from cell phones is literally raging on middle school students. Yes, because its use and abuse in the bathroom at home is not enough, this trend has come to schools: this explains the increase in students taking advantage of going to the bathroom to continue using their cells.

Although several studies have found that smartphone contamination is common in hospitals, little is known about the abundance of bacteria on phones used in the community.

The sample survey was based on 27 cell phones that were subjected to microbial detection using the contact plate method and mass spectrometer. Maldi-toff. Well, as incredible as it was found to be something absurd.
Cell phones of middle school students had a median high bacterial count (10.5 CFU/cm2) and a median of 17,032 bacterial copies of the 16S rRNA gene per phone. They are potentially pathogenic organisms.”with a high percentage of E. faecalis in total bacterial 16S rRNA

There were no differences in contamination levels or dominant bacterial species between phone owner gender and phone type. No antibiotic resistance genes were detected on the smartphone surface. But what is certain is that the practice of using a cell phone while going to the bathroom has definitely gone out of fashion. Our beloved health is at risk.

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